Heart Of Dance Scholarship

What Is It?

The Heart Of Dance Scholarship is an award given each year to a worthy recipient who otherwise may be unable to participate in dance for the year due to financial reasons.

Who Is Eligible?

If you or someone you know can not afford tuition for the given year, they are eligible to participate in one class including costume with this award.

How Do I Apply?

Submit a 250-word essay to centerstagedancellc@gmail.com about your given situation and why you feel that you are deserving of this award. Keep in mind that this award will be given to one individual who expresses their love and passion for dance thoroughly, who otherwise truly may not be able to participate in any form of dance education. 

Applications open 8/2/2021
Applications close 8/31/2021


Want To Donate?

The Heart Of Dance Scholarship is funded entirely through donations. Any and all donations are extremely generous and greatly appreciated!


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